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Passion is th energy that motivates us to strive to be our best, innovate and consistently push to outdo the competition.  We offer the best quality products made up of natural ingredients at competitive pricing.  We believe that this passion drives Reïva and we hope that everyone who uses Reïva products will share this passion with their family and friends  .


Integrity is applied at every level. This is our promise to everyone who comes across us along the way.  


Our knowhow is the fruit of many years of experience, scientific research, development and marketing of products and strategy in Consumer Direct Marketing practices.  We strive to be constantly on the cutting edge and apply the best business practices on all levels.  Our actions are ethical, ecological and durable                                             


Increases energy and muscular strength. The heart and muscles can therefore do the same physical exercise but with higher endurance and intensity during physical activity.

Allows the body to recuperate more rapidly after the activity.

Reduces blood pressure, helps to purify the blood and thus improve cardiovascular health. According to Science Daily magazine, merely drinking one glass of beetroot juice per day reduces blood pressure.  The research group of Barts and the London School of Medicine concluded that blood pressure would go down, one hour after taking beetroot juice and would be maintained for 3 to 4 hours afterwards. 

REÏVA products are completely natural and functional, without additives and don’t contain caffeine, contrary to other energy products sold in the marketplace. 

Several studies carried out by the National Institute of Health back up the facts :




At REÏVA, we were not content on just concentrating our efforts on sports performance.  Our scientific studies carried over into all segments of lifestyles by developing various products meant to improve specific health concerns of people using this all important beetroot ingredient that is so rich in health benefits.  Here are a few of the main properties of the beetroot: 

  • It reduces blood pressure, helps to purify the blood and improves cardiovascular health.  
  • They contain a powerful antioxidant known for its anti-cancer properties.  
  • They contain aphrodisiac properties.  As a matter of fact, our ancestors would consume them for this. In addition, they contain a high content of Boron which is responsible for the sex hormone.  This serves to increase sexual desire, fertility and sperm movement.
  • They contain betaine which acts as an active detoxifier for the liver. Moreover, it stimulates the liver functions and helps it to eliminate toxins which can help with weight control. As a matter of fact, they contain betacyanin that is an antioxidant to protect the cells from free radicals. 
  • They are beneficial for brain functions and the prevention of dementia by improving oxygenation to the brain. Nitrates help improve brain function and facilitate transmission of nerve impulses.


Beetroots can work wonders for people wanting to maintain healthy body weight and general wellbeing. Their calorie content is low (only 50 calories per cupful) however they are loaded with nutritious vitamins and other essential nutrients. This product allows you to feel full, helps the body to rapidly metabolise carbohydrates, lipids and proteins, which all contribute to a healthy body.

They contain betaine, an excellent detoxifier for the liver.  Moreover, betaine stimulates liver functions and helps the liver to eliminate toxins which can help prevent taking on weight. And, because they also contain Leucine which improves endurance and energy, they allow you to work out longer and therefore burn up more calories.

Beetroots help you to fight those sugar or carbohydrate cravings even after the body has burned them up.



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A brief story of a Great Brand

Denis Richard, a born entrepreneur has on several occasions in his business career, recovered companies in difficulty to put them on the path to success. During those years, he realized that people were looking for innovative healthy products that yielded beneficial results for their health, daily life, sports performance and business or simply for their overall wellbeing. This sparked his interest to create an array of natural and functional products based on a common vegetable that had demonstrated exceptional benefits on people’s health… the beetroot. 

REÏVA products were born !

Denis also recognized the challenge that people need healthy foods to improve their quality of life, but they also need solutions to improve their financial health". He then decided that the REÏVA line of products could be used to impact the financial health of his customers by creating a business model that would be accessible to everyone:  "REÏVA International" came into being !

"It’s an exceptional tool that is adapted to present day lifestyle. Today, the workplace doesn’t suffice to ensure prosperity or even the basic needs for families’’. Today’s economic world environment doesn’t offer everyone an equal opportunity to create their own business to meet their rising income needs. This is where the REÏVA proposition comes in.

The REÏVA Team


President and CEO

Denis has defined REÏVA’s vision and leadership direction. With over 25 years of experience in business development, he is a powerful catalyst for the Company’s progression and organisational growth. Denis considers that the human factor and teamwork are key to REÏVA’s sound development.


Executive vice-president, Associate

With over 20 years of experience in marketing and business development, Sophie brings along her vast experience in marketing strategy, project execution and sales growth.  Working closely with Denis she ensures the constant evolution and development of REÏVA on a daily basis.